Tips and Tricks

In Volcanic Defender, the object of the game is to defend your volcano from snowballs incoming from four ledges.  As the game progresses, the snowballs will come in higher numbers, and you will even encounter giant snowballs and explosive metal snowballs!

As the game gets more difficult, it will be essential to utilize special attacks to survive as long as possible.  The following are general tips for playing the game from the creators here at NAMS Game Studios.  Of course, our players are encouraged to have their own play-styles, as there is no absolute strategy for obtaining the highest score.

Early in the game, it is very possible to max out all four special meters, save them, and not take any damage.  It is generally a good strategy to save your specials until you are in a pinch.  When you reach higher scores, snowballs will come in un-ending hoardes, and you will always want to have a special handy.

In a situation where you need to use a special attack to save your volcano, we recommend using the wall (yellow energy meter) first!  This special is a purely defensive move, and it allows for the player to focus on 2 ledges instead of 4.  By the time the wall disappears, it is very possible that you will have regained control of the game, but if not, this is the point where you should activate one of the offensive special attacks.  Often times, the beam (bright pink energy meter) is a good combo to use with the wall.

Summoning the Crazy Demon Ghost Dragon (dark purple energy meter) is one of the most useful specials in the game.  It allows the player to relax a bit as the ghost dragon will essentially attack all snowballs incoming from the opposite ledge to which Crazy Dragon is aiming.  However, its one downside is that after activation, the Crazy Demon Ghost Dragon will take a few seconds to appear.  Therefore, try to anticipate when there will be too many incoming snowballs for you to handle and summon the Crazy Demon Ghost Dragon ahead of time.

The explosive fireball special (orange energy meter) can get you out of almost any situation.  If you are in a pinch, quickly activate the explosive fireballs and fire in all directions as fast as you can.  The explosive fireballs create a large explosion that damage all snowballs in the blast, so it is ideal for handling large mobs of snowballs.

The crazy beam (bright pink energy meter) is one of the most powerful attacks in the game.  It can instantly wipe out an entire row of snowballs.  The only thing to watch out for is that the beam has a slight charging time each time a ledge is touched.  When firing the crazy beam, make sure to allow the beam to fire before clicking on a new ledge, or even clicking on the same ledge; otherwise, the beam will restart its charging sequence!  The beam can save a player in a tough situation as long as the player does not panic and "button spam", so remember---keep calm before activating this special!

Of course, there will be situations where the player has no specials left to use and maybe cannot destroy all the incoming snowballs.  In these situations, try to aim for metallic and giant snowballs first!  The metallic snowballs do the most damage in the game (followed by the giant snowballs), so it would be wise to destroy these first in a situation where your volcano will have to take damage.  In this way, there is a chance the volcano will survive, and you can replenish its health by destroying a heart.