Space Barbarian Snow Runner

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On the frozen wastelands of an abandoned planet, Ragnar, the Space Barbarian, is living in isolation in order to unlock the savage instincts of his barbarian soul.  Equipped with only his wits, strength, and a legendary Laser Axe, the Space Barbarian tests his skills of survival in the icy wilderness.  Currently, he has tamed a local species of Snow Horse, also called the Yama, and is off to explore the supposedly abandoned planet.  But is it truly abandoned?  Savage Snow Beasts lie in waiting for fresh prey, and some dark enemies seem to have established a foothold on the planet....

In Space Barbarian Snow Runner, help Ragnar and his Yama traverse through the frozen clifftops by dodging obstacles and slicing enemies in your path!  Only a True Barbarian will be able to survive the harsh environment of the planet.  How long will you last?

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